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Chicken Feet | 鸡脚/鸡爪 (500g)
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  • Growing in green environment and farm located far from city | 在远离城市良好的环境养殖成长
  • 100% no injection | 100% 没有长肉剂
  • 100% no antibiotic | 100% 没有抗生素
  • 100% organic feeding | 100% 有机保健饲料喂养
  • Fresh | 新鲜
  • Frozen immediately after slaughtered | 现宰活鸡,即冷冻

Chicken feet which consists of tendons, skin and cartilage, is rich in gelatinous collagen,
and is traditionally believed to be beneficial for infants' skin, nails, joints and bone development

⭕Benefit of eating
Chicken feet consists of bones, skin, and tendons, but no muscles.
These are packed with protein, calcium, collagen, and cartilage that are easily absorbed by the body.
These are the essential nutrients required for good joint movement to minimize arthritis and joint pain

✅ Who can eat
Majority of people can eat

❌ Who cannot eat
people who suffering from constipation, arteriosclerosis and nephropathy cannot eat



具有降低血压的作用, 具有改善冠心病的作用, 具有美容养颜的作用, 具有强壮骨骼的作用

✅ 适宜人群

❌ 禁忌人群
有便秘的患者, 一般容易上火的人, 动脉硬化、冠心病以及高血脂的人,
感冒发热并且伴有头痛, 正在服用铁剂的患者, 患有肾病的人不适合食用



Recipe | 菜谱



Braised Chicken Feet 红烧鸡脚




Braised Chicken Feet with red Chili 红辣椒炖鸡脚




Chicken Feet Salad 鸡脚沙拉




Chicken Feet Soup 鸡脚汤



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500g Kampung Chicken Feet x 1