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Organic Multigrain Rice | 有机养生十谷米 (500g/pack)
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✅100% Organic    ✅Gluten Free        ✅Non GMO

✅Pesticides Free  ✅Herbicides Free  ✅Chemical Free

• Suitable for Celiac Disease Individuals

• Suitable for Diabetic & High Cholesterol Individuals

BEST Rice & Grains are contained in ONE!

Nett Weight: 500g

Ingredient: Organic Basmati Brown Rice,  Organic Brown Rice, Organic Millet, Organic Red Rice, Organic Black Rice, Organic Buckwheat, Organic White Quinoa, Organic Red Quinoa, Organic Sorghum, Organic Brown Flaxseed. 

Wonder how these grains benefits your body? 

green-leaf-15x19Suitable for Diabetic Individuals    green-leaf-15x19Easy to Digest 

green-leaf-15x19Highly Nutritious                            green-leaf-15x19Suitable for Cholesterol Individuals

green-leaf-15x19Alkaline PH                                    green-leaf-15x19Suitable for Elderly

Rinse and soak 1-2 hours to reduce cooking time. Should be cooked with 1.5 cups of water to one cup of rice for 25-40 minutes, depends the consistency you desire.

How To Use:

♦ Porridge
♦ Sushi
♦ Rice
♦ Korean “Japgokbap”
♦ Salad


Store in a cool dry place or refrigerate to maintain freshness.

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